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Solar and wind energy, heating

The webshop offers a 10% discount for club members! Solar collector, solar panel, wind wheel as renewable energy. Boiler, buffer storage for hot water storage. Cordivari radiators for hot water delivery.

Pagát Gold Zrt.

Pagát Gold Zrt.

Yale forklifts

Pagát Gold Zrt. provides 10% discount for jaguar Club members from the prices of short term forklift rental.

Softholding Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.

Softholding Kft.

IT, Computer Technologies, Safeguarding

Softholding provides 10% discount from their IT, data protection and antivirus service prices for Jaguar Club members. They provide 5% discount from hardware prices and 10% from the labour prices of setting up IP based, closed or open, outdoor monitoring or indoor process engineering video networks.

Tarziciusz Autós Iskola

Autós Iskola

Driving School. Our taught categories: A1, A, B, C, CE

The Tarziciusz Driving School has been operating in Biatorbágy since 1996, at 96 Szabadság út. The head of the school, Árpád Szikora, has been working as a teacher for 44 years. Our driving school has its own room with a capacity of 40 people, visual material (audio material) that can be projected for theoretical education, and it provides COMPUTER PRACTICE OPPORTUNITIES IN ALL CATEGORIES. We teach motorcycle education in all categories, also with new types of motorcycles. We also provide practical training in categories C and CE. Our Tarziciusz Driving School and Árpád Szikora club partner offer Jaguar club members and their immediate family members a 10% discount on the practical driving fee. Their service areas: Biatorbágy, Budajenő, Budaörs, Etyek, Herceghalom, Páty, Telki, Törökbálint, Budapest

Tepyart Airbrush Kft.

Tepyart Airbrush Kft.

Leather painting, renewal, care

Discount? for painting, renewing leather products, sitting sets and car interiors, for painted pictures on cars, wood, walls or bill boards by Airbrush technology.

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Pagát Gold Zrt.

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Softholding Kft.

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Pagát Gold Zrt.

Softholding Kft.

Tarziciusz Autós Iskola

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